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Contact Us [Owner of] : Add Your Question or Query below in Comment Section to ask us about this portal. This is Not Official Website of CUET. Check About Us Section for More Information.

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20 thoughts on “Contact Us”

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  2. I have already registered
    But not able to login it saying my password is wrong or my details is I even have my application no. and message with me

  3. Sir/maam
    I am Ishita Goel, a commerce student appearing for 12th class cbse boards .
    Maam my last board exam is on 27th, March and I thought I would register for my cuet exam after my papers as to decide my priorities efficiently. But I discovered the last date for cuet registration is 26th march,24 and now I don’t even have mobile linked aadhar or valid passport to register. It will take around 5 days to renew it .
    Maam it would be a big favour if you could extend the deadline date for CUET registration.
    I am sure this extension would benefit many students like me who are in the middle of exams and couldn’t pay heed on registration process yet.

  4. I cannot register for cuet examination .. pls help I want to give the exam but due to some problem in link or portal of registration I could not register my name .. sir pls help and resolve this problem . I hope that the problem will get resolve soon and I could register .
    Waiting for your positive response.

  5. Are there specific departments or individuals mentioned on the CUET Samarth contact page, along with their roles or responsibilities?

  6. Before getting your content online, have you ever checked its authentication. Every word you write is misleading and false. I think you should bring this site down. Where is CUET response key. Do you have any valid link. Shame on you people. Govt should take action against you frauds.

  7. Hi,

    My name is Ivo, I’m contacting you on behalf of 4youads.

    We want to advertise on your website.

    I’ll be the responsible agent to make this partnership very profitable for you and to give you all the support.

    Can we do a proposal?

    Please let me know.

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