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Home » {Book My Hsrp} Siam Portal Online Registration – Siam (High Security) Number Plate Online Apply [Karnataka, Rajasthan]

{Book My Hsrp} Siam Portal Online Registration – Siam (High Security) Number Plate Online Apply [Karnataka, Rajasthan]

Check Book My Hsrp Siam Portal Online RegistrationSiam High Security Number Plate Online Apply Karnataka, Rajasthan and Other States.

Book My HSRP Portal 2024 [New]

Book My HSRP (High Security Registration Plate) provides an online registration portal through SIAM for applying for high-security number plates in Karnataka and Rajasthan. This platform streamlines the process for vehicle owners to apply for and obtain HSRPs conveniently.

In this article we will know :

1. What is SIAM ?

2. What is HSRP ?

3. Benefits of HSRP.

4. Functions of HSRP

5. How to register old vehicles ?

6. SIAM Rajasthan Events and Dates.

What is SIAM ?

SIAM, or the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, is a national organisation representing major vehicle and engine manufacturers in India. SIAM aims to boost the automobile industry’s contribution to India’s economic growth. It also helps the industry meet its social responsibilities and promotes efficiency in the automobile sector. SIAM is focused on environmental improvement, safety measures for vehicle users, and public welfare.

What is HSRP ?

  • HSRP, or High Security Registration Plate, is an advanced type of number plate designed to be tamper-proof and equipped with non-reusable locks.
  • HSRP plates feature a uniform font and design, typically with a blue Chakra on the left side and “INDIA” hot stamped on the plate.
  • The plate colour is determined by the vehicle type, such as white background with black numbers for private vehicles.

Benefits of High Security Registration Plate :

  • Regular number plates, often made by affixing stickers, are prone to tampering and misuse for traffic offences.
  • HSRP plates are secured using non-removable snap-on locks and have the number hot stamped onto the plate, making them difficult to tamper with.
  • HSRPs are installed by authorised automobile dealers and vendors after obtaining essential vehicle details from the owner.
  • HSRP implementation promotes uniformity in numbering systems and helps deter unauthorised alterations.

Is it mandatory to have HSRP installed on vehicles ?

  • Yes, as per the provisions of the CMVR 1989 Rule 50, HSRP installation is compulsory for all vehicles.
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Major Functions of the committees of HSRP :

  • Provide technical clarification and interpretation of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules as requested by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRT&H).
  • Recommend international standards to the government that can be used as alternatives to the standards notified under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules. This includes permitting the use of components, parts, or assemblies that comply with such standards.
  • Make recommendations on any technical issues relevant to the implementation of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules.
  • Recommend new safety standards for various components to be notified and implemented under the Central Motor Vehicles Rules.
  • Provide recommendations on the lead time required for the implementation of these safety standards.
  • Recommend amendments to the Central Motor Vehicles Rules considering changes in automobile technologies.

Two processes for affixing HSRP :

a. For new vehicles manufactured / registered after 01/04/2019 at the dealer/vehicle manufacturer stage.

b. For old vehicles manufactured / registered prior to 01/04/2019 at the dealer / vehicle manufacturer stage.

  • Approach your dealer (from where you purchased the vehicle) for HSRP fitment.

Rescheduling an HSRP appointment :

  1. Visit the Book My HSRP website and log in to your account – / ReAppointment.aspx
  2. Navigate to the appointment section or dashboard.
  3. Locate the appointment you wish to reschedule.
  4. Click on the option to reschedule or modify the appointment.
  5. Choose a new date and time that suits your availability.
  6. Confirm the changes and save the updated appointment details.
  7. Review the revised appointment confirmation for accuracy.
  8. Receive a confirmation notification regarding the rescheduled appointment via email or SMS.

For old vehicles in Karnataka manufactured / registered prior to 01/04/2019 :

  1. Visit or and click on “Book HSRP.”
  2. Select the affixation location (home / office / dealer).
  3. Choose the vehicle class (private vehicle / commercial vehicle).
  4. Select the fuel type (petrol, diesel, EV, CNG, CNG petrol, hybrid + petrol, etc.).
  5. Choose the vehicle type (2W / 3W / 4W, heavy / other vehicle / private (non-transport) / transport).
  6. Select the vehicle make.
  7. Choose your state: Karnataka.
  8. Select dealer/home affixation (dealer location or home address for HSRP installation).
  9. Fill in the information ensuring correctness.
  10. Confirm the OTP received on your mobile number.
  11. Select the date & time slot.
  12. Enter your GST number if registered with GST.
  13. Make online payment.
  14. Provide GST number if registered under GST.
  15. Receive order confirmation details through SMS/email.
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Class of Vehicles and Alpha Numeric Colour :

Class of Vehicle Alpha Numeric Colour – Background Colour
Non-Transport Vehicles Black – White
Transport Vehicle Black – Yellow
Transport Vehicle under rent-a-cab Black – Yellow
Transport Vehicle under rent-a-cab (Battery Operated) Black – Green
Battery Operated Vehicle Non-Transport White – Green
Battery Operated Vehicle Transport Yellow – Green

Rajasthan Siam Portal Information :

  • Fitment of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) includes :
    • Registration Number Plate (HSRP)
    • Third Registration Plate (colour – coded stickers)
    • Snap locks
  • High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) :
    • HSRP is a specialised, tamper – proof plate with various security features, including:
      • Chromium – based hologram
      • Unique laser – branded identification number
    • It is fixed on the vehicle with non-removable / non-reusable snap locks.
  • Third Registration Plate (Colour – Coded Stickers) :
    • The colour-coded stickers are self-destructive type chromium-based hologram stickers.
    • They are affixed on the inner side of the left-hand corner of the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Colour Background of Stickers for Different Fuel Types :
    • Orange background: Diesel vehicles
    • Light blue background: Petrol and CNG vehicles
    • Grey background: Vehicles other than the above
    • Third registration plate with a 1 cm green strip at the top is for vehicles complying with BSVI emission norms.

Vehicle Registration and Fees :

Vehicle Category Maximum Rates with GST+ Fitment & Convenience Charges (in rupees)
Two Wheeler Rs 425.00
Three Wheeler Rs 470.00
Four Wheeler (LMV) Rs 695.00
Medium & Heavy Motor Vehicle Rs 730.00
Tractor & Agriculture Equipments Rs 495.00

How to check receipt validity on Book My HSRP :

  1. Access the Book My HSRP website or mobile app.
  2. Log in to your account using your credentials.
  3. Navigate to the section for receipt or payment details.
  4. Locate the specific receipt you want to check for validity.
  5. Review the receipt information, including the payment date and receipt number.
  6. Verify the expiration date or validity period mentioned on the receipt.
  7. Ensure that the receipt is within its validity period for any necessary transactions or purposes.
  8. Contact customer support if you have any questions or concerns about receipt validity.
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Rajasthan Siam Events & Dates :

All Vehicles Time-limit for Affixing HSRP
Vehicles with registration number ending in 1 or 2 29 February 2024
Vehicles with registration number ending in 3 or 4 31 March 2024
Vehicles with registration number ending in 5 or 6 30 April 2024
Vehicles with registration number ending in 7 or 8 31 May 2024
Vehicles with registration number ending in 9 or 0 30 June 2024

Procedure for HSRP Fitment: Vehicle owners can schedule HSRP installation by visiting the website of the Indian Automobile Manufacturers Society at Upon selecting vehicle manufacturing district and dealer, the HSRP plate fee can paid online, and a time slot will be reserved.

No other form of payment will accepted apart from online transactions.

Previous Year Statistics :

Domestic Sales :

Category April 2021 – March 2022 : April 2022 – March 2023
Passenger Vehicles 30,69,523 : 38,90,114
Passenger Cars 14,67,039 : 17,47,376
Utility Vehicles 14,89,219 : 20,03,718
Vans 1,13,265 : 1,39,020
Commercial Vehicles 7,16,566 : 9,62,468
Medium and Heavy CVs 2,40,577 : 3,59,003
Light Commercial Vehicles 4,75,989 : 6,03,465
Three Wheelers 2,61,385 : 4,88,768
Two Wheelers 1,35,70,008 : 1,58,62,087

Export Vehicle Statistics :

Category April 2021 – March 2022 : April 2022 – March 2023
Passenger Vehicle Exports 5,77,875 : 6,62,891
Commercial Vehicle Exports 92,297 : 78,645
Three-Wheeler Exports 4,99,730 : 3,65,549
Two Wheeler Exports 44,43,131 : 36,52,122

Official Website >> HSRP Registration >>

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