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Haj Committee of India Form 2025 – Hajj Application, Selection List, Flight Schedule 2024

Fill Haj Committee of India Form 2025 – Hajj Application, Selection List, Flight Schedule 2024 Check on Haj Yatra 2025 Date and Online Form Submit Online.

Haj committee of India form 2025

The process for applying for the Hajj pilgrimage in 2024 for Indian visitors is managed jointly by several authorities, including the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Indian Consulate General in Jeddah, the Indian Embassy in Riyadh, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia.

The registration for Hajj 2024 has currently  closed on December 20, 2023. It commenced on December 4, 2023. The first flight scheduled for June 14, 2024, with the last flight departing on June 19, 2024.

The verification processes for Hajj application and medical verification for Hajj 2024 involve various departments. Prior to this session, the Hajj 2024 packages ranged from 3,465 to 11,435 Saudi Riyals.

Application for Hajj 2024 :

  1. The registration fee for Hajj 2024 is set at Rs 300 for citizens of the Muslim community in India.
  2. To apply for Hajj 2024 registration, applicants can fill out and submit electronic application forms via the Haj Committee of India website at
  3. Or through the “Haj Suvidha” Android mobile app.
  4. View the latest HAJJ 2024 update and click on the “Register” option.
  5. Complete the form by providing your name, Aadhar card details, and other necessary information.
  6. Create an account and then access the link for the Hajj New Application Form 2024.
  7. Fill in all required details and submit the form.
  8. After registration, upload all essential documents and select “Final Submit” from the menu. Ensure to keep the 2024 Hajj Application Form safe for future reference.

Eligibility criteria for Hajj 2024 :

1.  Eligibility for Haj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia is based on various aspects: financial, physical, behavioral, and mental. Any Muslim citizen of India can apply for Haj pilgrimage except in the following cases:

  1. Individuals without machine-readable, valid Indian international passports as per Haj Committee of India guidelines.
  2. Repeaters who have previously performed Haj through the Haj Committee of India, except for permitted categories of Mehrams and those accompanying a 70+ pilgrim on the basis of appropriate solemn declaration and undertaking.
  3. Individuals providing false information will disqualified and may face prosecution.
  4. Individuals with severe medical conditions such as terminal cancers, advanced cardiac, respiratory, liver, or kidney diseases; infectious tuberculosis disease, or senility.
  5. Ladies not accompanied by Sharia Mehram, except those covered at Sr.No.5.
  6. Ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy, with international flying standards followed for their travel.
  7. Individuals against whom a court order prohibiting travel abroad exists.
  8. Mandatory consent of parents/legal guardian is required.
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2. Under the age of sixty years old,

3. Being in sound physical and mental health, and holding a machine-readable international passport valid through January 31, 2025, issued on or before the application deadline.

Functions of Hajj :

  1. The Haj Committee of India facilitates the pilgrimage of Muslims for Haj and related matters under the Haj Committee Act 2002.
  2. It conducts the All India Annual Conference for Haj to review past arrangements and plan for the upcoming pilgrimage.
  3. Announcements inviting applications from intending pilgrims are published in leading newspapers.
  4. Haj application forms and guidelines are provided free of cost through State Haj Committees.
  5. The government fixes the Haj quota, which is distributed among states and union territories based on their Muslim population.
  6. Saudi Arabian authorities require intending pilgrims to travel on international passports.
  7. Pilgrims pay for their chosen accommodation category in Indian currency, which covers accommodation rentals, compulsory dues, and daily expenses.
  8. The exchange rate for Saudi Riyals is determined through a tender process.
  9. Flight schedules are finalized, and flight allotments are made accordingly.
  10. Orientation/training programs are organized for pilgrims, with trainers selected from each district.
  11. The Haj Committee of India distributes Haj guides among pilgrims, providing information on rituals, logistics, and Saudi regulations.
  12. Accommodation in Madina Munawwarah follows a uniform category.
  13. Since 1995, all Haj pilgrims are transported to and from Saudi Arabia by air.

Dates Extended for Application to Hajj 2024 :

1. On the basis of requests received from various quarters, the last date for submission of Haj Application Form is extended till 15th January, 2024.

2. Consequently, applicants in possession of machine readable Indian International Passport issued on or before 15ª January, 2024 and valid up to 31″ January, 2025 are eligible to apply for Haj-2024. Haj Application can filled online on the website of Haj Committee of India

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3. All applicants advised hereby to go through the Haj Guidelines – 2024 carefully before submission of their Haj Application Forms.

Start of Hajj Applications December 4, 2023
End of Hajj Applications December 30, 2023
First flight June 14, 2024,
Last flight departing June 19, 2024.

Documents Essential for Hajj Application Registration India 2024:

  • Visa and Passport
  • Mobile Number and Email ID
  • Applicant’s Passport Size Photo
  • ID Cards as per Country (For Indians, Indian residency proof required)
  • Copy of Bank Passbook

Costs for Hajj Application 2024 :

Hajj Package for 2024 costs INR 399,500 as per the Hajj Committee of India (HCI). Private travel operators may charge at least INR 600 more for Hajj packages compared to government rates. Additional package options can explored on the official website of the Hajj Committee of India(HCI), with prices ranging from 3.5 lakh to 4 lakh.

The Ministry for Hajj & Umrah is considering offering an affordable Hajj package for domestic pilgrims in 2024. Payment can made in full or in instalments, although specific tariffs have not disclosed yet. Domestic pilgrims required to pay the first instalment of 20% of the Hajj expenses within 72 hours of registration. The final installment of 40% is due on 10 Shawwal 1444 Ah, with the second instalment due on 7 Rajab 1444 Ah.

  1. Each provisionally selected pilgrim will receive a unique bank reference number.
  2. This number mandatory for depositing both the advance and balance Haj amounts into the State Bank of India through the core banking system.

Accommodation for Hajj Application 2024 :

1. Accommodation arrangements for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia must made in advance through the Consulate General of India, Jeddah.

2. According to Saudi regulations, each pilgrim entitled to 4 square meters of space in Makkah accommodation and capacity-based allocation in Madinah.

3. In Makkah, there a uniform category of accommodation, and transportation to the holy site is provided through bus facilities.

4. In Madinah, accommodations in the Markazia area preferred, subject to availability.

5. Pilgrims entitled to stay in Rubat will accommodated as per Saudi norms, with no charges levied by HCoI. If charges apply, they will refunded to the pilgrims using the Rubat facility.

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Hajj rules for Persons with Special needs :

  1. Persons with benchmark disabilities requiring assistance during Haj must accompanied by an able-bodied relative.
  2. Assistance to divyangjan and elderly pilgrims will provided by the Indian Haj Mission as needed.
  3. The Supreme Court of India has prohibited interference with the Haj process.

Distribution procedure for Hajj Application 2024 :

HCoI’s pilgrim quota should constitute 80% of India’s total Haj Quota.

  • Stage I: 80% of India’s total quota allocated to HCoI, 20% to HGOs.
  • Stage II: From HCoI’s allocated seats, deduct quota for KuH (one KuH for every three hundred pilgrims) and officer deputation.
  • Stage III: Distribute remaining seats among States and Union Territories based on their Muslim population through qurrah (draw of lots).
  • Stage IV: Utilize surplus seats for providing up to 500 seats for Mehram. If seats remain, allocate up to 2,000 seats to Jammu and Kashmir for special ladies without Mehram. Allocate remaining seats to States and Union Territories with 500 or fewer Haj Application Forms (HAF) but couldn’t accommodate all applicants, based on the number of applicants.
  • Stage V: Allocate any remaining surplus seats to States and Union Territories proportionally based on the number of applications received.

How to Search for List of Selected Pilgrims ?

  1. Visit the official website –
  2. Click on the “Haj 2024 ” tab seen on the upper left corner of the screen.
  3. Search for ” List of Selected ” tab and click on it.
  4. Select your state and find the complete pdf of selected individuals.
  5. If no name found, click on the ” List of Waitlisted ” and search.

Complete details about the  Hajj Application 2024  can found here.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE >> Hajj Website >> 

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