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Home » Udemy (Courses) Sale Dates 2024 – Tcsglobal udemy Offers, Promo (Coupon) Code, Next Sale, App Download for Pc, Sso Login

Udemy (Courses) Sale Dates 2024 – Tcsglobal udemy Offers, Promo (Coupon) Code, Next Sale, App Download for Pc, Sso Login

Udemy Courses Sale Dates 2024 – Tcsglobal udemy Offers, Promo (Coupon) Code, Next Sale, App Download for Pc, Sso Login. Check Udemy Certificate Sample, Black Friday Sale 2024 Date. udemy, Subscription price, Certificate Generator, udemy organization login Portal link.

Udemy Courses Sale Dates 2024

In 2024, Udemy, a leading online learning platform, continues to offer exciting opportunities for learners worldwide with its array of courses. Tcs Global Udemy presents a comprehensive overview of upcoming sales, exclusive offers, and promotional coupon codes to help learners maximize their learning experience while saving on course fees. To enhance your skills in programming, business, or personal development, Udemy’s upcoming sales provide a chance to access quality education at discounted rates. Read the complete article to know more about the next sale dates, download the Udemy app for convenient access, and utilize single sign-on (SSO) login.

In this article we will know everything about Udemy :

  1. What’s new with pricing and the Deals Program – February 2024 ?
  2. Top Courses Offered by Udemy 
  3. Udemy Offers & Promo (Coupon) Code
  4. Steps to Configure Udemy Business and OneLogin 
  5. Prices on the Udemy mobile app


Features of UDEMY :

  • Udemy offers a vast selection of courses covering diverse topics, ranging from technology and business to personal development and hobbies.
  • Courses on Udemy are taught by industry experts, professionals, and experienced instructors who bring real-world insights and practical knowledge to the learning experience.
  • Learners can access courses anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace, allowing for flexible learning to fit into busy schedules.
  • Once enrolled, students have lifetime access to course materials, including videos, quizzes, and assignments, enabling them to revisit and review content as needed.
  • Udemy courses can be accessed on various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, providing a seamless learning experience across different platforms.
  • Courses often include interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, and discussions to enhance engagement and reinforce learning outcomes.
  • Upon finishing a course, students receive a certificate of completion, recognizing their efforts and accomplishments, which can be shared on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Udemy offers competitive pricing for its courses, with frequent sales and discounts, making quality education accessible to learners of all backgrounds and budgets.
  • Organizations can leverage Udemy for Business to provide employees with access to relevant courses and skill development opportunities tailored to their professional needs.
  • The Udemy mobile app allows learners to download courses for offline viewing, enabling learning on the go without requiring a constant internet connection.
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What’s new with pricing and the Deals Program – February 2024 ?

Improving Pricing Models :

  • Continual refinement of pricing models to connect learners with relevant courses.
  • Focus on establishing course value and increasing pricing transparency for instructors.
  • Adjustments to reflect geo-specific economic trends and enhance pricing alignment with product improvements.

Price Tier Adjustments :

  • Introduction of new adjusted price tiers across currencies to better reflect economic conditions.
  • Confirmation of potentially adjusted price tiers recommended for instructors to check.
  • Expected neutral to positive impacts on revenue, with close monitoring for necessary adjustments.

New Pricing Strategies in Turkey :

  • Reduction of broad promotions and sales in Turkey.
  • Significantly lowering non-promotional prices to align with average selling prices.
  • Aim to build consistent off-promotion revenue streams and establish true course value.

Month wise Sale Events :

Month Sale Events
January New Year Sale: Discount offered on every course on the site.
End of the Month Three-Day Flash Sale.
February / March Valentine’s Day Sale.
‘Buy More, Save More’: Increasing discounts with the purchase of more courses.
April ‘Own Your Education’ Sale.
Easter Sales.
May / June / July Mother’s Day Sale.
Summer sales.
August / September ‘Back to School’ Sale.
October / November Halloween sales.
Thanksgiving sales.
‘Black Friday’ Sale.
‘Cyber Monday’ Sale.
December Christmas Sale.

Certification Prep and Practice Tests Support : 

  • Continued promotion of third-party badge certifications to meet learner demand.
  • Investment in new practice test features with testing of promotional and pricing strategies.

Establishing List Price in More Countries :

  • Extension of policy where newly published paid courses are ineligible for promotions for the first 14 days.
  • Expansion of the policy to include France and upcoming inclusion of Turkey.
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Personal Plan Expansion :

  • Launch of Personal Plan in more countries, reaching up to 50 markets in 2024.
  • Aim to empower more individual learners globally with flexible and affordable learning opportunities.
  • Initial rollout in countries like France, Turkey, Italy, and Poland, with further expansion planned.

Consideration for Instructor Interests :

  • Changes implemented thoughtfully with instructor interests in mind.
  • Advance notification of significant updates that could affect earnings.
  • Opportunity for instructors to ask questions and provide feedback in the Instructor Community.

Top Courses Offered by Udemy :

Top Topics Offered by Udemy
Python C# (programming language)
Web Development Unity
JavaScript C++ (programming language)
React JS Deep Learning
Data Science SQL
Java Google Flutter
Unreal Engine Angular
Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Typescript Docker

Categories of Udemy Courses :

  • Development
  • Business
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT & Software
  • Office Productivity
  • Personal Development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography & Video
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Teaching & Academics

Udemy Offers & Promo (Coupon) Code :

Obtaining Coupon Codes :

  • Udemy coupon codes are automatically applied during checkout for eligible courses.
  • Subscribing to promotional emails ensures awareness of ongoing sales and promotions.
  • Instructors can also distribute coupon codes for their courses via various channels.

Difference Between Udemy and Instructor Coupon Codes :

  • Udemy coupon codes come from platform promotions and are automatically applied.
  • Instructor coupon codes are generated by instructors and shared through different channels.
  • Coupon codes set by Udemy or instructors may offer different discounts and validity periods.

Coupon Code Expiry and Redemption Limits :

  • Udemy coupon codes are valid until the promotion ends, with varying durations and redemption limits.
  • Instructor coupon codes may also expire or have maximum redemption limits, determined by instructors.
  • Specifics of coupon codes provided by instructors should be communicated directly with them

Steps to Configure Udemy Business and OneLogin :

  1. Add Udemy Business app from the OneLogin app catalog : 
    • Navigate to Applications > Add App in the OneLogin administrator dashboard.
    • Search for “Udemy Business” in the App Catalog.
    • Select and add the app.
  2. Download SAML metadata (to input into your Udemy Business account) :
    • Go to the Udemy Business Application tab and click on More Actions.
    • Download the SAML Metadata file.
  3. Upload OneLogin SAML metadata to Udemy Business account :
    • In your Udemy Business account, go to Manage > Settings > Single Sign-On (SSO).
    • Select the Single Sign-On tab and choose OneLogin.
    • Add a Connection Name, upload the OneLogin Metadata file, and save.
  4. Assign users to the Udemy Business application in OneLogin :
    • In OneLogin, configure users’ access for the app by adding it to a role or specific user.
    • Navigate to the Access and Users tab to assign access.
    • Ensure proper user provisioning for seamless authentication.
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Additional Information :

  • SCIM provisioning can be configured in OneLogin with Udemy Business for user management.
  • OneLogin updates will automatically sync with Udemy Business, streamlining user management processes.

Prices on the Udemy mobile app :

  • Prices on the Udemy mobile app may vary slightly from those listed on the price tier matrix.
  • Mobile app marketplaces, such as Apple (iOS) and Google Play (Android), manage pricing.
  • When a student buys via the app, the platform provider’s pricing matrix determines the price.
  • Udemy selects the closest price tier to the base or promotional price set by the platform.
  • Mobile platforms have their currency conversion rates, so conversions may differ from Udemy’s matrix.

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