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What is Institution Registration in Order Ceo Kerala ?

Institution registration is the formal process by which an association or group of individuals applies to the Election Commission of India to recognised as a institution by the relevant governmental authority of the state before the contesting the elections.

Why register your Institution under the government ?

The Institution gains official recognition and is entitled to certain privileges, such as contesting elections, receiving government funding, and participating in political activities within the legal framework of the country.

Institution Registration in India :

  1. To register an association or group of individual Indian citizens as a political party, the entity must submit an application (Template provided in Annexure-I) to the Election Commission of India. 
  2. This application must include all the necessary details as per subsection (4) of Section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.
  3. The application must neatly written on the party’s official letterhead, if available, and sent by registered mail or delivered in person to the Secretary of the Election Commission within 30 days of forming the party. Any application submitted after this deadline will not accepted. All pages of the application, including attachments, should numbered in order.
  4. Ensure that the application is complete according to the checklist provided in Annexure-II.
  5.  If any necessary information is missing or incorrectly provided in your application as per the checklist, the application may not considered. Therefore, it is important to carefully fill out the checklist and submit it along with your application.
  6. Submit the application along with all required documents to the Election Commission within 30 days of forming the party. Applications submitted after this period will not considered, as per Section 29A(2)(b) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951.
  7. Within two weeks of submitting your completed application, you will receive an acknowledgment from the Election Commission outlining the next steps.
  8. To track the status of the application, provide the mobile number and/or email ID of the party/applicant in Item No. 4 of the application (Annexure-I). Failure to provide these details will result in the inability to track the application process.
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The Election Commission of India (ECI) has periodically mandated additional details to submitted by aspiring political parties. After reviewing the registration system and process for political parties, the Kerala Commission has decided to introduce the “Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System” (PPRTMS) via an online portal –

Features of PPRTMS Portal :

  1. The system aims to streamline the tracking of application status by applicants.
  2. The ability to allow applicants who submit their party registration applications from January 1, 2020, onwards to monitor the progress of their applications.
  3. The institutions registered will receive status updates via SMS and email.
  4. Real Time Status of each action taken by the ECI officials 


Website for Registration >>>


1. Application Received:

ECI receives the application and digitises it.

2. Application Number:

Upon digitisation, the applicant receives an application number via SMS and email. The status of the application can also tracked on the website.

3. Initial Status:

Upon tracking, the applicant will see initial status updates such as:
Received in ECI
Acknowledgement of Application
Time Barred

4. Subsequent Status Updates:

Shortcoming/Defect: Any deficiencies or defects in the application are communicated.
Communication Received: Acknowledgment of any communication received from the applicant.
Publication of Public Notices in Newspapers: Notices regarding the application may published in newspapers.
Hearing Scheduled: A hearing is scheduled for the application.
Name Change: Any changes to the party name are noted.
-After Hearing Defect: Any defects identified after the hearing.

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5. Final Status of Application:

Registered: If all requirements are met, the application is registered.
Rejected: Applications that do not meet the criteria are rejected.
Closed: The application process is concluded.


Political Party Applicants can securely view the status of their own applications through a dual verification process.

1. OTP Verification:

Upon accessing the login portal, the applicant receives an OTP on their registered mobile number.
This OTP is used for verification purposes to ensure security.

2. Application Details Verification:

After entering the OTP, applicants need to submit either their Application Number or Party Name along with the Date of Formation.
This additional verification step ensures that only authorised individuals can access application status information.

3. Restricted Access:

The application status information is accessible only to political party applicants.
Without the OTP and correct application details, no one else can view the status.

4. Dual Verification:

Dual verification required to track status of the application, enhancing security measures.

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