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Home » {Fake or Real} Pm (Pmyp) Laptop Scheme Online Apply – Free Laptop Yojana 2024

{Fake or Real} Pm (Pmyp) Laptop Scheme Online Apply – Free Laptop Yojana 2024

{Fake or Real} Pm (Pmyp) Laptop Scheme Online Apply – Free Laptop Yojana 2024 for State Mp, Up, Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar etc.

Pm Laptop Yojana 2024

The PM Free Laptop Yojana has been the talk of the town due to several reasons. Every website has its own claim and information regarding this scheme. Some of them claim it to be true and have provided procedures regarding the same and the others claim it to be fake. But, we have the update from the official website of AICTE that the news is fake and is being circulated without any real news on it. However, you can read the complete article to know the Free Laptop Schemes of other State Governments of India.

#AICTE has observed the circulation of fake information.

Free Laptop Yojana 2024

  • AICTE has observed the circulation of fake information on social media and websites regarding schemes unrelated to AICTE.
  • The Competent Authority of AICTE views this matter seriously.
  • AICTE-approved institutions and students are directed to disregard such misinformation and verify correct information from the AICTE website or by calling @ 011-29581000 and 29581050.
  • Any instances of fake information should be promptly reported to AICTE for necessary disciplinary action.

Other State Government FREE Laptop Schemes

Objective of Free Laptop Yojana : The objective of the Free Laptop Yojana is to provide financial assistance to students across the country by offering laptops free of cost, thereby facilitating their education and enhancing digital literacy.

Main Objectives of Free Laptop Yojana 2024:

  1. Encouraging Talented Students: The primary objective of initiating the Free Laptop Yojana is to motivate and encourage talented and meritorious students by providing them with laptops free of cost. This initiative aims to enable them to pursue better education opportunities and progress in their academic endeavors.
  2. Initiated by Various States: The Free Laptop Yojana 2024 has been commenced by different states at their respective levels, showcasing a collective effort towards uplifting the education sector.
  3. Universal Beneficiaries: Under this scheme, all students of the respective states will be beneficiaries, ensuring equitable access to educational resources.
  4. Rewards for Academic Excellence: As part of this scheme, laptops will be provided to students of prestigious colleges as an incentive, and students scoring more than 75% in classes 8th, 10th, and 12th will also receive laptops.
  5. Inclusive Education: The primary aim of this scheme is to extend benefits to students from financially disadvantaged families, thereby expanding the reach of education through the Free Laptop Yojana.
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Eligibility Criteria for Free Laptop Yojana :

  • Residency Requirement: Applicants must be residents of the respective state, necessitating the possession of a residential certificate.
  • Education Status: Students who have completed or are currently enrolled in classes 8th, 9th, or 10th are eligible to apply for the Free Laptop Yojana of any state.
  • Income Limit: The annual income of the applicant’s family should be less than Rs. 1 lakh to qualify for the free laptop scheme.
  • Non-Government Employment: Parents of the applicant should not be employed in government jobs.
  • Adherence to Eligibility Criteria: Fulfilling the eligibility criteria is essential to avail benefits under the Free Laptop Yojana in any state.

Benefits of Free Laptop Yojana :

The Free Laptop Yojana will significantly benefit the children of the state. Each selected student under this program will receive a substantial contribution from the state government. Financially disadvantaged and deserving students will now have access to the latest features of a free portable laptop, empowering them to fulfill their educational aspirations. This program will greatly benefit marginalized and deserving children who eagerly await their free laptops, serving as a source of motivation. In India, laptop prices typically start from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. Through this scheme, students can now purchase essential items beyond this price range.

Registration by Uttar Pradesh Government  :

  • Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Yogi Adityanath, the Uttar Pradesh government plans to implement the Up Free Laptop Yojana 2023-24 targeting meritorious students.
  • The Yogi Free Laptop Yojana 2023-24 aims to distribute laptops to around 25 lakh youth in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Eligible students can now complete the UP Free Laptop Yojana 2024 Online Registration Form on the official government website, following the guidelines for UP Free Laptop Yojana 2024 Registration.
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MP Free Laptop Scheme 2024

  • The MP Free Laptop Scheme, initiated by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, aims to provide financial assistance to students in Madhya Pradesh by offering them laptops.
  • Under this scheme, eligible students will receive financial aid of ₹25,000 through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode, which they can use to purchase laptops.
  • Only students who have scored well in their 12th-grade exams are eligible for this scheme.
  • Besides providing financial assistance, the government will also commend students who perform well by issuing appreciation certificates.
  • To avail the benefits of the MP Free Laptop Scheme, students must register online on the official website.

Bihar Free Laptop Scheme 2024

  • The Bihar Free Laptop Scheme, initiated by the Bihar government, offers financial assistance of ₹25,000 to students who have scored well in their 12th-grade exams, enabling them to purchase laptops.
  • The scheme encourages students from scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and general categories to score a minimum of 75% and 85% respectively to qualify for the scheme.
  • The scheme aims to encourage education among the state’s students and will provide both financial assistance and certificates to beneficiaries.
  • Eligible students can apply for the Bihar Free Laptop Scheme by downloading the application form from the official website and following the specified procedure.

Haryana Free Laptop Scheme 2024

  • The Haryana Free Laptop Scheme aims to distribute free laptops to meritorious students who have scored 90% or above in their 10th-grade exams.
  • The government will prepare a merit list based on which laptops will distributed to deserving students, promoting virtual education.
  • The scheme is open to students of all castes, religions, and disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Approximately 500 meritorious students in Haryana will benefit from the scheme, and interested applicants can download the application form from the official website.
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Rajasthan Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2024

  • The Rajasthan Free Laptop Distribution Scheme provides laptops to eligible candidates from 8th, 10th, and 12th grades.
  • Online registration is open, and eligible individuals can download the application form from the state government’s official website.
  • Applicants need to provide basic personal information, including their name, age, address, contact details, and educational qualifications, to apply for the scheme.

Conclusion and Last Date

  • The article provides information about various state-level free laptop schemes, such as those in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, and Rajasthan.
  • The last date to apply for these schemes expected to be within December.
  • The aim of these schemes is to provide educational support to economically disadvantaged students and encourage them to excel in their studies.
  • The document requirements for the schemes include Aadhaar card, proof of residence, bank passbook, mark sheets, income certificate, and passport-size photo.
  • It’s important to be cautious of fake websites claiming to offer similar schemes, as highlighted by a notice from #PIBFactCheck stating that Prime Minister Free Laptop Yojana 2024 is fake.

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